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"...I have also had huge financial manifestations happen too! During my third session with Jess we were working with my beliefs around money which lead me back to some memories from my childhood. We cleared those and those parts of me became aligned with my Higher Self which put me at place to receive the financial abundance the Universe so generously has for each person. I went home and checked my bank account and $900 had shown up. The same thing happened the next week. I know for sure that the $1,800 manifestation happened directly because of the real and effective work Jess and I did in the theta healing session. I have had multiple manifestations happen since knowing and working with Jess. She has also taught me how to recognize the things I’ve been manifesting all along. That was SO validating, theta healing has validated so many things for me.

I have talked with 2 other theta healers and Jess is by far my favorite. She is sweet and compassionate but also straight forward and a producer of Truth. She balances being professional and personal very well. She clearly knows her stuff. I always feel nurtured by Jess. I feel safe with her, which is huge for me because I think she is one of the three people I have ever been able to fully trust. Jess has taught me how to no longer identify with my struggles but to instead be the awareness behind the feelings and simply observe the process happening. I would completely recommend Jess to everyone. Unfortunately each person has experienced some form of pain or trauma in their life and Jess can help with attaining the life you want for yourself. Working with Jess has given me so much hope with an actual realistic plan of how to manifest the life I love. Even if you feel that you have already processed your pain Jess can help simplify the flow of your life and enhance the quality of your life. Working with Jess is absolutely worth every cent and more I invested."

- Kalie S.

Gold Leaf
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"Jess has been such an inspiration on so many levels! I had my first session with her about four months ago and literally so many veils were lifted for me. It was such an amazing experience. I’ve received so many different types of healings over many years and I’ve never walked away so changed as I did with this experience. It was like years of other therapy in one hour. Jess is so capable of getting to the deepest realms but in a way that isn’t scary at all, but is actually comforting and freeing.

I was so captivated by the experience I asked to know more and wanted to learn how to do that for others. Lucky me, She and her husband Nick had become certified in teaching ThetaHealing so I signed up!!


So not only did I get to experience her as a healer, but also as a teacher! She was so calming and full of Grace and the course was so full of mind blowing information yet she was able to present in a way that made it easy to absorb. Again I just I have to say, I am inspired and so honored to have her and ThetaHealing in my life! So much for you!

- Jada Jones / Realtor, Permaculture Consultant, ThetaHealing Practitioner

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"I had a session with Jess Davis and she was so kind, empathic and she held a beautiful space for me to feel safe in being vulnerable without feeling judged.

 I was holding myself in my life and business and I was sabotaging myself to reach my full potential and go to the next level.

Jess used her intuitive abilities to support me and describe what might being blocking me, next she used her powerful healing skills to release my emotional, energetic & mindset blocks.

After her first session less then 1h, I feel that a weight was taken off, I feel expanded, free and looking forward for the next level.

If you are thinking in booking a session with Jess, just do it!! Life is too short for you to hold yourself back & there´s so much out there for us to be experiencing, Jess is the right one to support you in breaking free from your limiting patterns.

Thank you Jess, looking forward for the next sessions!"

- Rita A. / Author & Business Coach

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"I am an alternative healing practitioner and RN myself. I was needing some support with past trauma, and Jess helped me to transform it into a new story for my life. She gracefully and skillfully acknowledged what was arising to the surface to be looked at, and assisted me into the depths of it in order to transform it beautifully. I have had a lot shift in my life since our session –it seems it was the catalyst I needed to start pushing past old barriers that once kept me stuck. If you are feeling stuck in any way in your life, I recommend checking her out." 

- Shardai K. / Registered Nurse & Shaman

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"I highly recommend working with Jess! You will be amazed how deep the changes are that she can help you to create! I had multiple sessions with her regarding insecurities in my business and her insights were always so spot on and intuitive. I could feel the transformation immediately and find things changing around me in the days after, too! I felt totally understood and taken care of and had a lot of fun in each session, too. After each session I felt empowered to move forward in my business with more confidence and clarity! Thank you so much Jess, I’m looking forward to our next session!"

- Christina L. / ThetaHealing Instructor

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- Rani A. / Reiki Master & Sound Healer

"Jess is dedicated to serving and always shows up at her very best to support who she is working with. Jess Is very unique in her work. I feel as though it’s the perfect blend of therapy and energetic healing.

Some emotional patterns plague you for a long time and she is able to take you to the first memory of that experience, then to the next all while working with the emotions and mental pathways around the trauma. After you have explored this pattern and all the experiences connected to it she then gives you the opportunity to receive the creators perspective. To me on the energetics this looks like she is filling wounds in the body with liquid gold.

Immediately after a session with Jess I feel lighter, grounded, and centered in my being. The next week or so I feel deep integration of the work we did taking place in me and my new reality. Every session with her I’ve found myself in a clearer space of understanding why my life has played out the way it has.


However with this awareness and the deep healing done during the theta healing I know now it’s a choice and feel fully confident that I am carving out a new way of living consciously. This work to me is so effective that I recommend her to absolutely everyone. I feel as though the world could heal trauma at a significant rate if more practitioners were doing the work of Jess Davis."

"Once I started working with Jess I was able to detect, move, clear, and see the higher perspectives of who I am and hold for myself. Before working with Jess I would let my thoughts take over, analyze myself, and separate my mind with my full being. I now feel safely emerged with my mind, body, soul, and spirit. 


I have been in therapy numerous times and have tried EMDR but nothing has shifted my whole being into a greater realization of the power I hold, like working with Jess has. Her gentle tone  nurtures me while opening the heavy doors of the past. She holds a compassionate space to help me alchemize my pain into lessons, love, and light. 

It has been such an empowering experience for me." 

- Isabella H. / Barista, Mentor

"Wow! Jess is an absolutely amazing ThetaHealer. I did a session with her for my digestion issues and what came up during the session was a limiting belief "Food is my enemy." I was surprised and shocked, at the same time was able to resonate with it. Jess helped me find multiple other limiting beliefs in my system which I had absolutely no clue about even after being a ThetaHealer myself. She is incredibly gifted and a clear connection with the Creator. If you're looking a healer with clear connection to heal your issues, I recommend Jessica."

- Vishnu P.


"Thanks to Jessica, I realized that there was a lot holding me back in my life, stemming from my beliefs. And without awareness nothing can be truly changed. So the awareness she brought to me was invaluable! Further, her method is pretty amazing too! I'm definitely thankful for our session."

- Sean T.

"I recommend Jess' healing, she is a beautiful soul with a gift she is ready to share. We went through things in my history which may have been blocking me from living fully in the present in order to release them. She showed me some interesting techniques to test my subconscious beliefs. I felt I was in a safe and comfortable place"

- Katie M.


"Jessica is an AMAZING healer and holds such an unconditionally loving and accepting space to help you release anything that is limiting you from embodying and living your full potential as a being. 11/10, Thank you so much for all of your time and healing."

- Nick B.

"My session with Jessica really stirred up some things deep inside of me. I've been full-force on my healing journey lately, doing lots of yoga, meditation, breathwork and plant medicine work. The Theta session gave me clear direction on all those other things. I really didn't know what to expect, but I feel like my session completely knocked the base off of some of my core limiting beliefs, and now the other work I 'm doing is just integrating those changes.

I'm really, really glad I did this."

- Hailey H.


"I received a Theta Healing session with this beautiful being and wow! She is very skilled in her craft. I can feel the shifts taking place and excited to witness all that will physically manifest through the reprogramming we did."

- Amanda M.

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