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A self study course to support you in moving through your anxiety, holding yourself through overwhelm, and distancing your awareness from your emotions.

Every thought and feeling that you have is created inside of your body, even if it's triggered by something external.
Through consciously breathing & creating new habits you're able to change the way you feel, respond to your emotions in an empowering way, and maintain a connection to your heart.

The journey of emotional mastery isn't about constantly feeling good - it's about taking action to change your emotional state instead of losing yourself to your emotions.


I created this self study course because I truly believe that massive strides will be made in the world of mental health when individuals are taught how to move through heavy emotions & to respond to them in new healthy and empowering ways.

If you feel like you've historically fallen into the downward spiral of your emotions and are ready to create strategies to support you in rising above them this is for you.

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- you're ready to create new coping skills that support you to move through your emotions with grace

- if you struggle staying connected to yourself when triggered

- you desire to be able to maintain nervous system regulation

- you have a tendency to close yourself off when things get difficult

- you  want to begin healing your relationship with your self

- you ever feel anxious, overwhelmed, overstimulated, fearful, or disempowered by your emotions

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- 3 professionally recorded breathing practices that you will be able to use in your daily life when you find yourself in a state of imbalance

- an ebook that will support you in gaining clarity on how you currently handle your emotions

- prompts that will support you in raising the standard for how you respond your emotions

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Jess is a guiding light here to support you in radically transforming your life.


Self responsible men + women come into her space when they're ready to move beyond their limitations, experience liberation, and learn to master themselves.


Together, with Jess, you'll play in the depths of your subconscious, illuminate your shadows, and allow the false narratives to fall away as you embody the most confident, empowered, and wise version of yourself.

She created this mini course as a stepping stone to help you walk down the path of energetic + emotional mastery.

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