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Disconnect from your Conditioning to
Reconnect with your Inner light:

a mini course to support you in releasing the weight of your past to reconnect with your innate wisdom + value. So you can flow through your transformational journey and expand your healing business with ease.

In the hustle and bustle of life's demands it can become so easy to lose connection with the two most important relationships you will ever have: the one you have with  yourself, and the one you have with The Divine. When these connections & relationships aren't maintained it effects your healing business and hinders you from experiencing the growth your desire in 2022.

If you feel like you've been putting your healing on the back burner, slacking in your relationship with yourself, and/or simply just disconnected from Source then you're in the right place




- release the density of your past to create a life/business that is truly satisfying

- raise the standard for the amount of love + support you allow yourself to receive

- gain clarity on who you are beneath the layers of your conditioning

- more fully celebrate yourself to see how truly amazing you are

1. A guided 20 minute meditation to help you release the limiting stories you've been telling yourself since childhood. This meditation will allow you to release some of the weight you're carrying and reconnect with what it means for you to be seen, supported, and loved.

2. An e-book with journal prompts to help you gain clarity on your needs + desires so you can raise the standard for how you're showing up for yourself.

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You are worth showing up for.

You will receive the Mini Course in your inbox! If you don't see it check your promotions folder.

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