Are you aware that you have pain from the past that is still hindering you? Are you ready to let go of your old story to gain a deeper understanding of who you are?

In this 5 session package we will unshackle your limitations and cycles of self-sabotage to bring you into greater harmony with who you are, your spirituality, and your confidence. I will create a calm, loving space & together we will work to release any limiting beliefs, feelings, and doubts you may be carrying. 


When completing these five sessions you will have a greater understanding of who you are, freedom from the past, and a new vision for the future.  

This five session package includes:

  •  5 seventy minute channeled energy clearing sessions, on any topic your choose, either in person or via Zoom.

  •  Thirty minutes of call/text that can be used for any additional support you may be needing.

Investment: $797

(Payment plans are available.)


Are you motivated & ready to step to step into the next great version of yourself? 

This three month package will be a powerful fusion of mental, spiritual, and emotional healing to create results that will last a life time. We will work together to move you from pain, lack, and self-doubt into confidence, clarity, and stability through releasing emotional, spiritual, and mental blocks.

Each month we will dive deeply into one area of your life & completely transform it so you can rise into the highest version of yourself. 

This three month programs includes:


  •  9 seventy minute channeled energy clearing sessions, either in person or via Zoom.

  • 3 weekly meetings per month 

  • Implementations practices that work for you

  •  Thirty minutes of text/call support each month - a total of 90 minutes.

  • Telegram access to Jess throughout the program

Investment: $1,497

(Payment plans are available.)

In this single session I will hold a compassionate, gentle, loving space to guide you through the inner most facets of your being. We will explore any topic you choose to get a deeper understanding of your inner mechanics, limitations, and cycles of self sabotage to then transform them into a new story for your life. I will use guidance from The Creator to navigate through your subconscious beliefs/programs & we will then transform them with ease + grace. 

This single session includes:​

  • 1 seventy minute transformational session, either in person or via Zoom.

Investment: $166